ESLint 0.20.0 released

We just pushed ESLint 0.20.0, which is a minor release upgrade. This release includes new features and bug fixes.


This is a summary of the major changes you need to know about for this version of ESLint.

Updating Rules for ECMAScript 6

We’re still getting a fair number of bug reports related to specific ECMAScript 6 features. The good news is that the bug report rate has slowed dramatically, so we’re getting to a much more stable place in terms of ES6 support. Keep those bug reports coming!

Scoped Plugin Support

This release adds support for scoped npm modules (beginning with @eslint/, for example). This is a new feature that npm recently released, and we’re happy to follow up by allowing you to use scoped packages as ESLint plugins. See #2360 for more information.

1.0.0 Update

With the ESTree changes in, we just have a few outstanding issues before releasing 1.0.0. Those issues are:

  • #2302 - create a way to bootstrap .eslintrc files for new users
  • #2284 - should we switch to using 1-based column numbers instead of 0-based column numbers?
  • #2226 - split space-in-brackets rule; implement array-literal-spacing and computed-property-spacing rules.
  • #2225 - split space-in-brackets rule; implement curly-braces-spacing rule.

Reminder: we are preparing a list of breaking changes that will be coming in v1.0.0 and are tracking them on [[#1898](]( Stay tuned to that issue so you know what to expect.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Add v8 module to no-mixed-requires rule (fixes #2320) (Gyandeep Singh)
  • Fix: allow plugins to be namespaced (fixes #2360) (Seth Pollack)
  • Fix: Column position in space-infix-ops rule (fixes #2354) (Gyandeep Singh)
  • Fix: key-spacing with single properties (fixes #2311) (Brandon Mills)
  • Fix: Load .eslintrc in $HOME only if no other .eslintrc is found (fixes #2279) (Jasper Woudenberg)
  • Fix: newline-after-var declare and export (fixes #2325) (Gyandeep Singh)
  • Fix: newline-after-var to ignore declare in for specifiers (fixes #2317) (Gyandeep Singh)
  • Fix: space-in-brackets to work with modules (fixes #2216) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • Fix: support arrow functions in no-extra-parens (fixes #2367) (Michael Ficarra)


  • New: add --stdin-filename option (fixes #1950) (Mordy Tikotzky)
  • New: object-shorthand rule (refs: #1617) (Jamund Ferguson)


  • Update: backticks support for quotes rule (fixes #2153) (borislavjivkov)
  • Update: one-var: enable let & const (fixes #2301) (Joey Baker)
  • Update: Use Object.assign() polyfill for all object merging (fixes #2348) (Sindre Sorhus)


  • Docs: no-invalid-regexp: add ecmaFeatures flags for u/y (Jordan Harband)
  • Docs: Add meteor to avaiable environments list (bartmichu)
  • Docs: Some typos and grammar. (AlexKVal)
  • Docs: Update markdownlint dependency, resolve/suppress new issues. (David Anson)

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