Google Chrome becomes ESLint gold sponsor

We are happy to announce that Google Chrome is a gold sponsor of ESLint. It is an honor to be supported by Google Chrome. We are grateful to Addy Osmani, Senior Staff Engineering Manager, for recommending us for the sponsorship, and to the Chrome team.

Chrome Donates to ESLint

We are happy to share that Google Chrome has become an ESLint gold sponsor sponsor, donating $1,000 each month for the ongoing maintenance and development of ESLint! The Chrome team is well known for supporting web developers around the world through not just developing the browser, but also through resources like, where they document and explain the latest web technologies.

Here’s what Addy Osmani from the Chrome team told us:

“ESLint has been critical in helping developers write high-quality JavaScript for years. We love that it catches common issues early and often. With a high level of extensibility, ESLint’s ability to let teams enforce custom rules that work for them has been excellent for open-source projects and more. Chrome is happy to sponsor ESLint to help web developers write consistently high-quality code. It’s an essential piece of the modern web development toolkit” – Addy Osmani, Senior Staff Eng. Manager, Chrome

ESLint is grateful for the support of the Chrome team and to Addy for recommending us for the sponsorship. It’s because of support from companies like Google that ESLint is able to receive ongoing maintenance and development by a team of people who work in their spare time.

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