Contra becomes ESLint gold sponsor

We are happy to announce that Contra is a gold sponsor of ESLint. It is an honor to be supported by Contra. We are grateful to Gajus Kuizinas, Co-Founder/CTO, and to the Contra team.

Contra Donates to ESLint

We are happy to share that Contra has become an ESLint gold sponsor, donating $1,000 each month for the ongoing maintenance and development of ESLint! Contra is a professional network built around independent work, allowing designers, developers, and more, to live and work the way they want.

Here’s what the folks at Contra had to say about ESLint:

“ESLint plays a major role in helping us create a safe and consistent experience across a growing number of codebases and engineers. We are grateful for all the open-source projects that are helping us build Contra, and ESLint is the first of many open-source projects that we are committed to back.” -– Gajus Kuizinas, Co-Founder / CTO at Contra

ESLint is grateful for the support of the Contra team, and we are putting these funds to work by paying more contributors to help maintain and develop ESLint. Donations such as these have allowed us to take on more ambitious projects, such as redesigning the ESLint website, with more to come in 2022.

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