Meet our Team

These are the people who build and maintain ESLint.

Technical Steering Committee

The people who manage releases, review feature requests, and meet regularly to ensure ESLint is properly maintained.


The people who review and implement new features.


The people who review and fix bugs and help triage issues.

  • Bryan Mishkin
    Bryan Mishkin

    Software Engineer. Passionate about open source and helping developers maximize their productivity. @eslint team. Former @square.

  • Josh Goldberg ✨
    Josh Goldberg ✨

    Full time open source 💖✨ @typescript-eslint maintainer; @LearningTypeScript author; Microsoft MVP 🌟

Website Team

Team members who focus specifically on

Support Team

Folks who help in Discord and discussions.

  • Samuel Roldan
    Samuel Roldan

    I am a staff frontend engineer with 19 years of experience architecting applications.

  • Kevin Partington
    Kevin Partington

    @eslint support team member. My open source participation will be limited as I continue to heal my depression and anxiety.

  • Joel Mathew Koshy
    Joel Mathew Koshy

    Team @eslint | UWindsor


Former team members who previously helped maintain ESLint.