ESLint Components

Components used across this site.


There are three variations of a profile component on the site: the member, the contributor, and the post author.

The parameters required for each are shown in the following example:

<!-- first import the profile macro -->
{ % from 'components/profile.macro.html' import member, contributor, post_author % }

<!-- then use a macro -->
{ { member({
name: "Name LastName",
bio: "This is a member's biography. An example of a member is a team member on the team page.",
twitter: "twitterUsername",
github: "githubUsername"
}) } }

{ { contributor({
name: "Contributor Name",
handle: "myHandle"
}) } }

{ { post_author({
name: "Nicholas Zakas",
title: "Creator of a popular framework",
handle: "nzakas",
twitter: "twitterHandle",
github: "githubHandle"
}) } }


Name LastName
Name LastName

Name LastName
Name LastName

This is a short bio

Nicholas Zakas
Nicholas Zakas
Creator of a popular framework

Creator of ESLint, independent software developer, consultant, coach, and author.