Disallow with statements


Using the recommended config from @eslint/js in a configuration file enables this rule

The with statement is potentially problematic because it adds members of an object to the current scope, making it impossible to tell what a variable inside the block actually refers to.

Rule Details

This rule disallows with statements.

If ESLint parses code in strict mode, the parser (instead of this rule) reports the error.

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

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/*eslint no-with: "error"*/

with (point) {
    r = Math.sqrt(x * x + y * y); // is r a member of point?

Examples of correct code for this rule:

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/*eslint no-with: "error"*/

const r = ({x, y}) => Math.sqrt(x * x + y * y);

When Not To Use It

If you intentionally use with statements then you can disable this rule.


This rule was introduced in ESLint v0.0.2.

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